Japan FBA(ocean shipping)

  • Trunk mode: sea
  • Type of goods: can be connected to live, weak magnetic
  • Reference timeliness: 5-6 working days for economic lines, 3-4 working days for Hong Kong line
  • Attributes of goods: do not accept imitation brand, powder, food, medicine, flammable and explosive, antiques, currency, sealed packaging and other countries banned export and airline embargoed items; and other shipping locations, transit places, destinations, etc. Items that are mailed are prohibited by law.
  1. Obtain a quotation, open an account; contact the business staff to configure channels and prices;
  2. The customer completes the order forecast according to Amazon requirements and channel product rules;
  3. The package is delivered to the designated warehouse, the warehouse is reviewed, and subsequent processes are performed according to different channels.

Operating procedures

Reference time

Timeliness online real-time viewing
The system automatically monitors the exception
System preferred route plan


Product channel: stable and rich
  • Multi-route, first class
  • Local mature old customs clearance resources
  • End mainstream express VIP account
Operating system: efficient·transparent·intelligent
  • Process information, own research and development team
  • SaaS free installation mode; pricing + operation + settlement + tracking + abnormal warning
Service team: professional·enthusiastic·diligent
  • Channel exclusive customer service
  • Exclusive member
  • Members have been engaged in cross-border logistics for more than 10 years