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Seller Raiders: Amazon FBA goods damaged or lost?

release time:2019-11-07

As an Amazon, every aspect of the operation is closely linked. As long as one of the links fails, it may lead to a fault in your entire operation process and even cause unnecessary losses.

For example, some small partners recently used FBA to ship and found that the goods were lost or damaged.

Although FBA is a logistics model of the Amazon platform, it has a high standard inventory storage service, but more or less it will inevitably lead to the loss or damage of goods due to some mistakes or force majeure.

In fact, the chances of FBA appearing in this case will be smaller than that of self-delivery. In addition, Amazon has a related claims policy for FBA. For example, FBA Lost and Damaged Inventory Reimbursement Policy. Therefore, if a seller is using FBA and the goods are damaged or lost, you can use this policy to make a claim.

Before understanding this policy, sellers need to understand the conditions under which the policy applies.

Under what circumstances can I make a claim?

Products that are stored in the Amazon FBA warehouse and have been lost for more than 30 days;

Products stored in the Amazon FBA repository that are damaged due to Amazon’s operational errors;

Products that have been destroyed by Amazon without the permission of the seller;

Lost products for more than 30 days at the Amazon FBA Distribution Center;

A product that was damaged or lost by a Amazon-delivered carrier during the Amazon FBA distribution process.

Which products are not covered by compensation?

Products that are prohibited from being sold by Amazon FBA;

Packaging products that do not meet Amazon FBA warehousing requirements;

A damaged product that has been damaged or lost during the order deletion process;

The seller’s product itself has flaws or quality problems;

Products that use the “Light Small Commodity Program” logistics service.

What are the compensation methods?

There are two main types of compensation provided by Amazon for products that meet the conditions of the claim:

1. Replace this product with the same FNSKU;

2. The fair market value after the compensation is assessed, and the relevant logistics costs of the product and Amazon sales expenses are deducted.

How to make a claim?

If the seller has suffered product damage and loss during the use of FBA and meets the conditions for applying for a claim, he can claim compensation from Amazon.

According to some information provided by sellers with this experience, you can try to make claims through the following ways:

1, contact the seller to support

Open the case as soon as possible to contact the seller support, first explain the reason with the customer service, let the customer service help you apply for investigation.

2. Directly initiate a claim

General customer service will let you give a POF (proof of delivery proof of delivery), many sellers use this method to successfully obtain compensation.

3. Provide relevant information that may be needed for the claim

Just in case, in some cases, you need to provide relevant supporting information, so before the claim, it is best to prepare the relevant information that the claim may need:

(1) If it is a factory, it may be necessary to provide a shipper or triple invoice (to be factory stamped);

(2) If it is a supplier, you can obtain a proof of purchase (invoice) from the supplier;

(3) If it is a freight forwarder, let the freight forwarder provide you with the relevant receipt documents such as invoices;

(4) There is also a seller’s receipt of FEDEX (Federal Express) to Amazon, and it has also been successful.

Note: The provided must be a formal invoice, many factories can only temporarily issue invoices, Amazon is not approved for temporary release, it is best to open the product when purchasing products.

4. With third-party tools

Such as “Amazon Captain”, this tool is a fee, used by the seller before, Xiaobian has not tested this tool, you can go to their website to see the damage function of the FBA product damage or loss.

5, find a third-party claim agency to deal with

This is also one of the reference methods, but it is not recommended for sellers to use this method. The price of each institution is different. You need to measure the cost yourself. In addition, the risk is relatively large. There are many scammer service providers, so be vigilant.

Finally, we must remind the sellers that before choosing to use FBA, be sure to follow FBA packaging and warehousing requirements. In the event of product damage or loss, you can apply to Amazon for investigations and claims as long as the conditions of the claim are met. The above methods are for your reference only.